Trade Deadline

February 24. Trade Deadline.

What an interesting time. I've made it through 6 deadlines, 2 of which we were traded. I can't figure out if they get harder, or easier with time. So many fears get laid out on the table. The fear of having to move, start over again, lose friends. The thoughts are endless.

It is easy to let the anxiety spiral, Where could we go? Is it easy to visit home? How will I get there? Will this be better for Connor? But at the same time, I don't want to worry about something that may never happen. I'm proud of the way I have handled our past changes, and I know I could do it again.

It is a business, at the end of the day, but underneath those helmets those players are husbands, boyfriends, and dads. Now a days with social media, anyone can create a trade rumor. For me, I try and stay off twitter during this time. A little background on how hockey trades work. In the NHL the players are rarely involved in their trades. Typically two managers, from your current and new team create a deal. Once it is done you are notified. Thereafter, a ton of phone calls take place, followed by quick goodbyes, figuring out your gear, and when you need to get to the airport. Some players report that day, others have a few days depending on the schedule.

This deadline we have already lost two teammates. Two amazing women, and some kids behind those families. I feel sad, and excited for them. I will miss seeing them at the games and workouts. Significant others play a HUGE role in this life. This is a big reason I created this blog, to share some of the ups and downs. The men are often shipped immediately with the significant others left back to pick up the pieces and keep the family afloat.

I write this not to earn pity by any means, just to show behind the scenes of what it is like. I chose to be here, and I am happy I did. I wouldn't have been able to experience 5 amazing cities, and countless memories without this great game.