Toronto City Guide


My husband and I have had the pleasure of living in Toronto, Ontario Canada for about 2.5 years from 2016-2018. It has been one of our favorite places to date, the food, the people and places, we just love it!

If you’re visiting Toronto anytime soon these are some of our favorite places to check out.

First and foremost, if you have the opportunity I HIGHLY recommended flying Porter Airlines if you can. The planes are small, the service is fantastic, and the flights are cheap! The best part is you fly into Billy Bishop Airport which is just 5 minutes from the CN tower, whereas Pearson is a good 25-45 minutes away. The planes are propeller planes, 2 seats per side but I have never noticed a difference in turbulence. Sign up for Porter’s emails to get notified when they have a sale, which is often! Oh, and I forgot to mention you get a free drink onboard in a REAL glass. They often feature local wines, and beers!

Things to do

Walk Around Queen Street West

This street is home to unique shopping, amazing coffee, intimate restaurants and beautiful graffiti.

Check out

  • TSOQ (the store on Queen) - a funky women shop featuring fun and outrageous clothing

  • BRIKA - a beautifully curated gift shop

  • Cumbraes - A butcher shop from the Terrain Restaurant Group

  • Sud Forno - My favorite bakery in Toronto, come for a quick bite, a sweet, a coffee or the most delicious sourdough.

  • The Healthy Butcher- local butcher shop offering quality, well raised animal products. A great place for pasture raised chickens, grass-fed beef, and game meats.

  • Graffiti Alley - Found between Queen Street West + Richmond Street West, and McDougall Lane + Portland Street, you will find beautiful graffiti… and lots of instagramers.

  • Crown Flora Studio - Not your average plant shop offering terrariums, succulents, and greenhouse juice and snacks.

Visit Kensington Market

While Kensington Market was my go-to place to grocery shop, you can pop into anything of stores for a bite to eat, and browse through the stores.

Check out

  • Essence of Life - This grocery store was my favorite. It offered quality organics, bulk options all for cheap! They have a large section of supplements and personal care products.

  • CXBO Chocolates - I am BEGGING you to not skip this one. These stunning and scrumptious treats are handmade, try the (i know I’m basic) salted caramel. In the summer they offer ice-cream as well!

  • Blackbird Baking Co. - Adorable bakery, they provide bread for many of the restaurants across the city

  • Sanagan’s Meat Locker - Old time butcher with TONS of offerings, try the 25cent pepperettes!

  • 4 Life Natural Foods - A large natural grocery store offering plenty of bulk options.

  • Nu Bügel - Homemade wood-fired bagels. Enough said.

  • Blue Banana - A quirky gift shop


  • Hoame - Take a mediation class, enjoy a complimentary charcoal lemonade, or visit the infared sauna. This place is an esthetic dream and is the perfect place to relax.

  • Soma Chocolate - Handcrafted treats and truffles, artisan bars and coffees. Best chocolate in North America.

  • Barre3 - my favorite workout class


  • Jacobs & Co. - With a steak list as long as a wine list this one is sure to impress. The service is impeccable, and the wine list is extensive.. something that is hard to find in Canada. If you’re into refreshing cocktails ask the service for the one named after me!

  • Gusto 101 - A beautiful outdoor area, the perfect place for a pizza, or just some wine. Not top long ago Michelle Obama and Sophie Trudeau were spotted here

  • Portland Variety - Many people frequent this spot for brunch but honestly you could just go for a coffee and a cookie and be very delighted

  • Impact Kitchen - My personal favorite brunch spot, home to paleo pancakes and bulletproof coffee. A quick spot to meet for coffee or have a healthy meal. They also offer a variety of to-go items. GET THE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE COOKIE… maybe even two

  • Sotto Sotto - Where all the celebs are spotted. This cozy italian reastaurant has been open for over 26 years! Order the cacio e pepe(cheese & pepper), an off menu item that will not dissapoint. Shout out to Lucy Gardiner for that recommendation!

  • Terroni - They have many locations throughout the city, great italian, great wine, fun atmossphere

  • Pai - Hands down the meal I miss most from Toronto. This eclectic thai restaurant is ALWAYS slammed, try it for lunch or dinner. The pad thai isn’t just pad thai. Pick your spice level for each entree, but be warned thai spicy is not for the faint heart

  • Simple Kitchen - A healthy spot just west of the city. A place near and dear to my heart, they created a coffee named after my husband and the proceeds went to the Childhood Obesity Foundation. The owners are amazing people, they have an adorable paleo market. I love the gluten free breakfast sandwich and all of the coffees!

  • La Carnita - Fun spot for tequila and street tacos. Get the avocado mango salad and finish with a cookie monster paleta

  • Wilbur - Quick delicious mexican food… chipotle but way better

  • Calii Love - some of the best bone broth in the city! They also have smoothie bowls and poke.

  • King Taps - Our favorite late night spot, it has a fun atmosphere with good food and delicious drinks. They run a ton of specials, order the brussels!

Coffee Shops


  • Take the King Street Streetcar it is the fastest way to get West and East, cars aren’t allowed to drive down this street more than a few blocks. Don’t be scared! It’s fun!

  • Don’t pay in US cash, most places will not honor the exchange rate… which means you’re over paying!

  • Be nice! Many people will help you if you are lost or need help, just be friendly!