Top 5 Ways to Adjust to Your New City!

I have moved to 4 different cities in 6 years, not all were moves that brought me instant happiness. Here are a few tips to get you excited about those new city adventures

Lauren VanRiemsdyk walking the historical streets of Philadelphia.

1.) Research your favorite thing to do.

Working out? Drinking Tea? Rock Climbing? Do a Google Maps search nearby your hotel or new residence to see what is around. Mine? I search for workout classes, coffee shops and dog parks. I then create a routine to get me up and out of the hotel (my trade habitat).

2.) Act like you are taking a vacation

Check out the tours, best restaurants and what the city is known for.

LJBTVR'S TIP- The Double Decker bus if they have it! It takes you all over, and allows you to hop on and off with a side of fun facts.

Rachel Fehr's TIP - Check out the GOOP guides, they have activities, restaurants, and so much more than Trip Advisor.

Lucy Gardiner teaching an outdoor Barre3 class in partnership with Lululemon.


Mess around with different hashtags such as #hobokencoffee or #chicagofoodie from there it will usually recommend other popular hashtags people browse in that area. Browse Geotags for surrounding neighborhood for meet-ups, speakeasy as well as events.

Lauren Storhoff's TIP - She recommends looking for local fitness/lifestyle/wellness bloggers. "That way I get excited about the new places I want to go to, and I usually meet people outside of the the team [or workplace] at workout classes" which leads me to..

4.) Go to Local Free Workouts-

Many places such as Lululemon and Athleta host free workouts multiple times a week. This is a great way to make friends, and ask your new neighbor for their favorite spots!

5.) Walk Around + Explore Alone-

Walking allows you to find those small places you may miss driving past.

Sydney Esiason-Martin TIP - discoveries by foot in order to find those cute niche places like boutiques and salons. It helps her find places that speak to her personally rather than the general pop. She loves places that remind her of home, Lucy Gardiner agrees saying you can uncover and notice so much more.

Moving can be tough, but if you shift your mindset + put yourself out there, you never know what you will discover!

Do you like hearing from other wives + girlfriends? Let me know below!