The Perfect Valentine's Gift for Anyone in Your Life!

If you read my last post on why I love Valentine's day, then you will understand why I created a list that includes more than sexy outfits, and boxes of chocolates.


-Venmo them $$ for a drink or coffee, but don't forget to include some cute emojis and a note on how you appreciate them

-A Card, that you actually put in the mail. Everyone appreciates snail mail, and feeling the love

-An Experience, Plan a group fitness class, brunch or even go axe throwing. Valentine's day is a great excuse to get together!


- Flowers, lets be honest they are so fun to receive especially when you're feeling kinda sad all your coworkers got them and you did not, even better when they are from our BFF.

- Nice Bottle of whatever! Maybe some wine or champagne or maybe even a beautiful bottle of gin they can keep making drinks with all year long! Not a drinker? Maybe a case of their favorite sparkling beverage.

-A Gift Card for their favorite workout class, many can be expensive, you can even go together and make a day of it.

- A Face Mask, everyone loves a good face mask. Here is mine.


-A MEAL. I do not believe there is a better way to show someone you love than a home cooked meal. Maybe a brunch with pancakes and bacon, some mimosas or tea. Dinner? Go full on steakhouse without the $ Grass-fed steak, mashed potatoes, roasted garlic, and if you're feeling adventurous try a homemade sauce like béarnaise or au poivre.

-A Dessert. This year I am going all out and am going to attempt to make a grain free cake from the most beautiful cookbook, Sweet Laurel. Other great options are brownies + cookies, maybe even decorate them together?

-A Class. Learn something new together, cooking, wine tasting or curling! I can attest to the last one.. its fun.


If you are planning to be intimate, keep it clean and consider the following. Here is a quick article on why.

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Happy Valentine's Day!