My Favorite Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

After starting my transition to a less toxic home environment, it was difficult to sort through the noise and green-washing that occurs. Walking around target you see a lot of "green" products that actually aren't that clean. After years, and $$$ spent, it finally clicked. You don't need a bunch of different cleaners for different jobs. These are my go-tos that can be used for ANYTHING.

- SAL SUDS by Dr.Bronner's

This is my absolute favorite cleaner! It is TOUGH on grease without leaving a residue. It can be diluted and adjusted for each job. I use this as my multipurpose spray, dish soap, and for tough clothing stains. I keep it in two forms, a spray bottle and a pour bottle. The spray bottle is the diluted suds and the pour is more concentrated to thoroughly clean greasy pots and pans. I put the pure soap directly on stains, it is AMAZING. It got my bullet proof coffee stain right out of my couch! This cleaner has SLS, in a naturally derived form, which I feel comfortable with because it is rated an A by EWG. Always remember to dilute! My mom always told me 'less is more' :) Here is the cheat sheet for dilution, and here is the EWG rating. This goes for about $12 per 32oz which lasts me MONTHS. Find it here.

- White Vinegar

This is a simple, yet effective and cheap. Have some left over lemon peels? Throw them in your vinegar! This will give your vinegar a lovely smell. I love using vinegar, diluted to clean my floors, and get rid of smell. It's amazing for inhibiting the growth of mold. Always remember to dilute appropriately! (follow instructions on the bottle) Find it here.

- Baking Soda

Another cleaning classic, this makes for a great pumice to help scrub stains and deodorizes surfaces. I create a mixture of baking soda + white vinegar to clean my compost bin. Find it here.

-Better Life

I used to love this brand. I would buy all their products until I realized we don't need different cleaners for different rooms. I believed their products to be super clean, until I just NOW looked up the ratings on EWG. I still purchase their stainless steel cleaner, because I haven't been able to create my own, nor do I use it daily. This works great, and a little goes a long way. This product is rated a D by EWG, but I haven't been able to find anything cleaner, that gets the job done! If you have any recommendations.. send them my way! Find it here.

-Castile Soap

This soap is a go to classic, I love using the bar (no plastic! yay!) I use a small, tiny chip in large bowl of water to clean my vegetables. This soap can be used for ANYTHING, it's great for body but SUPER STRONG. Here is the cheat for the liquid castile soap. EWG rating - 1. Find it here.

What are your cleaning go to's? I'm always tryin to keep it clean, and puckin' F R E S H.