Common Questions .2

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

I’ve always been curious about how players and their families find places to live. Are there resources for families to find all the things they need (ie schools, drs, good neighborhoods, etc)?

The best resources we have are the team, and mutual friends. Depending on the team they will usually provide you with a contact to a real estate agent, or tell you where most people live. The best thing is when someone, such as a mutual friend, and can give you all the scoop. When we were looking for a place in NJ we relied on a real estate agent, as well as a teammate who helped tremendously! One great perk is the team has a full staff of doctors, that can recommend anyone in a particular area. This is often great for new moms!

Where has been your favourite place to live so far?

This is a tough one! I am a city girl at heart, so I am beyond excited to be in NJ. But I would have to say Toronto. We made life long friends there, had a beautiful apartment that was perfect for food photos, and the vibrations of the city made me smile everyday. I would walk miles to go to a bunch of different grocery stores. I have to credit the city for really starting my passion for food. -- also based on this question I think the person who asked it will be happy with the answer ;)

Are you excited to check out local places when you move somewhere new? Like local restaurants and new places to explore?

YES! This is what gets me through every trade/change/move. I try and get excited as if I was vacationing there. Even when we lived in Hershey, PA I would still be searching for the fun undiscovered things. Start with restaurants, I search farm to table, local, family owned, scour the eater website. Then move on to fun activities, workouts, cute shops.

As a partner to a hockey player, what is it like with the hectic travel schedule?

There are 82 games in a season, half being away. The schedule was much more draining when I worked a full time job. I would run to the games after work, and barely see Connor on off days, if it fell on a work day. (which it almost always did) Now we have a better routine, and it is kind of fun to miss each other. He isn't gone more than a few days at a time. Being in the east coast has its advantages, they tend to have shorter trips. I have heard the road schedule in the west is a lot more grueling. Because of Connor's injury, I didn't experience the travel schedule in Dallas.

How often do you travel with your husband, when he plays on the road?

Unlike some other sports, the families of the players do not travel with them. It is mutually agreed that the players are away on business, and most people don't bring their wives to work. I avoid excess visits, because Connor will get chirped by the boys! I typically only travel when it is in a city where I would visit a friend. For example, you will always find me when he plays in Chicago, and a lot of times in DC or Toronto. But I book everything separate than him, and maybe just see him quickly after the game.